Multitool point label and batch processing

I have a pretty simple measurement I am trying to run on a couple hundred whale images at the end of every year to measure their change in size over the seasons and years by using the multipoint tool with point 1 as the Left pec fin insertion and point 2 as the right pec fin insertion in all images. I went through a bunch of the batch processing forum, but they were way over my head as I have 0 experience with Java. I’m having 2 issues:

  1. I need the results window to also display the number attached to each point of the MultiTool in addition to the filename and x,y coordinates to know what side of the body the point is referring to. So either rather than or in addition to the 1-4 autonumbers I need it to go 1,2,1,2. I don’t care if it is done through measuring and the normal results or by using the ROI manager and measuring all at once, but if it is done in the ROI manager I need the :ROIName part to be excluded from the label displayed.

  2. Once all of my photos are drawn, is there a way to batch measure all of the images in the folder at the same time? I can do it easy enough as I go through if we get part 1 solved, but I was thinking this might save a little time.

I’m currently using ImageJ 1.51; Java 1.6.0_24 [64-bit] without fiji on Windows 10. I know, super outdated but when I tried to update it screwed up a bunch of my hotkeys for macros I use everyday that were developed by a coworker that is no longer around to assist, so I reverted back to what I knew worked.

Killerwhale results KillerwhaleExample2.tif (14.5 KB) KillerwhaleExample1.tif (23.2 KB)

I found this macro that replaces the filename with a one and does not account for the second point (also labeled as one) but maybe it could be tweaked to do what I want with the multitool label?

var label = 1;

macro “Save to Results” {
row = nResults;
getSelectionCoordinates(xCoordinates, yCoordinates);
for(i=0; i<lengthOf(xCoordinates); i++) {
setResult(“X”, i+row, xCoordinates[i]);
setResult(“Y”, i+row, yCoordinates[i]);
setResult(“Label”, i+row, label);
setResult(“Slice”, i+row, getSliceNumber());

macro “Increment label” {
showStatus("label = "+label);

macro “Reset Label” {
label = 1;
showStatus("label = "+label);

Ok, I have now figured out how to use Process>Batch>Macro and Measure the input folder correctly to get it to measure the entire folder. Still can’t figure out getting the multipoint tool labels plus filename and will need to know how to correctly add it to the batch process.