Multiply Slices in a Stack

Hello Community,

i tried it by myself, searched the forum and the www but i cannot find a elegant solution to the following problem:

I want to multiply the slices in a stack. So that i have first 5 times the first slice, than 5 times the second and so on…

Of course i could just copy and paste all images in the folder before i open the folder in imageJ but that will take much time for every new stack. Is there a simple solution to my problem?

Thank you very much and best regards



There is nothing out-of-the-box that will do this. So you will have to script something. Here are some helpful links to get you started:

There are different ways you can approach this … duplicate each slice and insert as you move through the stack… or copy the whole stack, merge them, and reorder the slices… this page might also be helpful to you:

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Oh, I beg to differ. There’s a dirty, little trick you can resort to:


I knew there must be a simple solution. I had problems by far more difficult as this one and ImageJ had almost always some simple solution. Thank you very much, you are my superhero!

In fact i were exactly hoping for this “out-of-the-box” solution to save that programming work. Luckily, NicoDF had such a solution. Next step would have been your way. Thank you for your reply!

awesome @NicoDF !!! I’m gonna file that one away…

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