Multiple Versions of CellProfiler running on a cluster?

Does anyone run more than one version of CellProfiler on their cluster?

We’re currently running 3.1.5 with Anaconda (installed in a user folder rather than centrally), which is working really well but we’re finding it very tricky to convert one of our analysis pipelines from 2.2.0rc2 to 3.1.5 so we’re wondering if we could also install 2.2.0rc2 in a separate user folder?
I’ve noticed that on my PC I’m no longer able to open version 2, which is presumably because of different dependencies (java etc)? So we’re a bit reluctant to try installing v2 on the cluster and risk messing up v3! I’m hoping someone else has tried this and can tell me that it will be fine?

The package dependencies are pretty different between the different versions, so I’d be hesitant, but there’s no reason strictly why you couldn’t (2.2. is also just a pain to install on a cluster).

Another option could be to use the prebuilt Docker containers.

PS Have you tried removing the Java environment variables on your PC? That should allow you to run 2.2 and 3.1.5 simultaneously.