Multiple Omero guest logins

Hi all,

there is a guest access in Omero, but is there a way to define multiple guest logins with each to access only a defined set of images? For instance that guest1 can see images 1-3, guest2 images 4-9, etc.? In addition these guests should not only see the data via the Omero Gallery view or similar but enter the full OMERO.web view with download capabilities, ROI selection, etc.

I guess this is not how the guest access is designed in Omero and probably not easy to implement, but users keep asking for it, so I thought of directing that question to you guys.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Anna,

There is a single “guest” user in each OMERO but it has very limited use, such as allowing clients to check the server version number before attempting to log in as a ‘real’ user.

It sounds more like you’re talking about “public” user, which allows you to automatically log in as public user from the web.
However, if there were more than 1 public user, how would visitors choose which one? All images would be ‘public’? Or do you want different ‘guest’ logins with different passwords? In which case these sound like regular users?

There is the “Share” functionality in webclient (‘globe’ icon in the left-panel toolbar) which allows you to share small numbers of images in a more flexible way than with the groups permissions. But this is a bit of a ‘hack’ and doesn’t work (or isn’t tested) across a lot of features.

I hope that if we can understand your needs better that we can suggest something, but the groups permissions in OMERO are not designed to allow a lot of flexibility.



Hi Will,

thanks a lot for your detailed and helpful answer and apologies for my insufficient description of our needs. Indeed it seems, I haven’t thought enough about our needs before posting my question. So I got back to the initial user request to clarify things. And well, it still is a bit unclear, what we actually need :smiley: However, I will play around with the “share” functionality to see, if this could already make our users happy. And once the requirements are fully clear, I might come back to you on that topic :wink:

Have a nice weekend!