Multiple length ratios analysis



Hi. I’m sorry if if this topic is already reviewed, but can’t give it a deal. We need to analyze ratio of finger lenghts on a plenty of photos of hands.
Could you please give us advice which instruments should we use? And can ImageJ do this procedure automatically with a large number of photos (~1000) or we`ll must work manually with each picture?
Beforehand thank you for answers


Hi @ihavenonick

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The task you describe has many open parameters :slight_smile:

If all your images are oriented the same and the contrast between background and foreground (fingers) is high a segmentation with length measurement (particle analysis -> Bounding Rectangle -> long side == finger length) should be possible. If it works on one image you can create a macro out of it and run ImageJ in batch mode!

If you upload an example image others can help you getting started with the segmentation.


Hi! Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, images are not similar in their orientation, contrast between background and foreground, colours, proportions etc. That is just something like 500 people made photos of their both hands (every person did it himselve with different camera, light and so on), then those 1000 photos were collected and that is all we have.