Multiple image full resolution overview


New here and to the world of image science. I’m working with wear and tribology where i often compare images of say 5 samples that is run in the same test.

Currently I have been using Microsoft OneNote to create a canvas with all the images I need to compare to get a nice overview, but I find this very time consuming to arrange.
Another alternative I found is Faststone Image Viewer where I can mark 4 images and get a grid-view where they are zoomed and panned simultaneously, very useful! The only problem is the limitation of 4 images…I basically need excel, but for images, where i can populate rows and columns with full resolution pictures.

Does a image viewer like this exist?

Hi @adriantepes,

Did you try Image>Stacks>Make Montage ? (you previously need to create a stack with your images if they are not stacked, but this can easily can be scripted)


Hi @VirtualSlide,

Thank you! That is something i will explore, i think it can work for my purposes.

Depending on images and size, QuPath does have a multiviewer, which allows toggling the overlays of objects you have detected on and off, and linked brightness and contrast settings.

Edit: though I did set this up manually. If you need to automatically populate hundreds of cells with images, I am not sure this would be time efficient without scripting… and I haven’t really played with that.

Thanks! Will check that out aswell.

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