Multiple Channel Fluorescent Property Analysis

I am trying to compare the ratio of fluorescence of two segmented channels in BiofilmQ. I have been selecting the Mean Intensity Ratio and Integrated Intensity Ratio parameters during the parameter calculation step, after segmenting both channels. However, the ratio data is not present when I open the rest of the data as a .csv file in Excel. Do you have any insight or advice? Thank you!

Hi Amy,

thanks for reaching out to us with this question. When you talk about the .csv file, are you referring to the global data or the local data? Also, could you please double-check the following things for me:

  • In the fluorescence properties setting, are the ratios you want to calculate labeled as “active” (see first screenshot)
  • Is the checkbox next to fluorescence properties checked when you calculate the properties (also shown in first screenshot)
  • When running the property calculation, are there any error messages?
  • After calculating the properties, if you go into the Export tab, do the ratios appear in the list of properties? Are they checked? (second screenshot)

If any of the above points are not met, please let me know and copy/paste any error messages you might observe. If it does work now, I would also be happy for an answer, so that we know we won´t have to check for bugs. Thank you :slight_smile:



Fluorescence properties:

Export tab: