Multiple animals, partial body views, multiple body parts


My videos have multiple animals, but more often than not the full body is not visible. So I am having issues with building the skeleton. Initially, I created very detailed list of body parts, but because they are not always present in all animals, there are problems with building skeleton. So I tried with a very few body parts, but now the detections are not very accurate. I have very few images in GUI where I can connect dots and build the skeleton, I suspect it is because of the partial body views.

What would you recommend to do in situations like that? Basically multiple animals moving in and out of frame and due to their size, the full body is rarely visible.

You can use the GUI to connect as much of the skeleton as you can see in that frame. Then just open the config.yaml file in a text editor. Find the skeleton section, and you’ll see the formatting for connecting pairs of of body parts. That’s important to note, you only connect pairs, just lots of pairs.

Edit the text with all of your other body parts, watching the formatting, and save the file.

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Thank you so much for your reply! So, just to confirm, I can create body part pairs in config.yaml even though these body parts might not be visible on my frames? And that way I can create a complete skeleton?

That is correct. Just pay attention to formatting :slight_smile: