Multinucleated cells counted as different cells

I am new t cell profiler. Currently, I am dealing with multinucleated tumor cells but cell profiler identified those multinucleated stained cells into different single cells. How to solve this problem?

For cases such as this, I’ve used one of two appraoches:

  • If the cells are well-separated and a cell stain exists, sometimes using the cell stain in IdentifyPrimary (not the typical IdenitfySecondary approach) can capture the cells. Then use RelateObjects to define which nuclei go with which cell.
  • ReassignObjectNumbers can also be used to unify multiple objects into one based adjacency and/or the intensity characteristics of another image (often a cell stain) with respect to the region between neighboring objects.

If you’re able to post a sample image we can take a look. Unfortunately, our attachment upload isn’t working right now, but if you can post via Dropbox, Google Drive or similar, that works too.