Multiline messages in dialog widgets

When using the Parameter annotation like:

@Parameter(visibility = ItemVisibility.MESSAGE)
private final String msg = "Hello.... some more text"

Is it possible to use line breaks? If so, whats the syntax?
So far I tried: \n, \r, \n\r and <br/>

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I would also be interested to know whether html could be supported…
Did you try putting everything between <html> and </html> ? I have no clue whether that would work, though.

error: can’t parse
(I don’t understand what you mean by that)

Yes, you can use HTML. For an example, see net.imagej.plugins.commands.assign.EquationDataValues.

There is not yet an easy way to externalize the text, or to internationalize it, though.

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I put the teset between two html tags, but the forum interface interpreted it, kind of.

I meant try < html > adfaskdjfhasdkjfh < b > asdfas < /b > < /html >
without the spaces.

Yes, the Discourse forum also interprets <html> tags, unless you put them between ` marks. I edited your post above to correct that.

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