MultiAnimalProject, key error: header

In a multi-animal project, I have finished training and the evaluation steps in colab; however, when I run the deeplabcut.filterpredictions line, I get the message: keyerror: “header”. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi @jbkey18, what filter type are you using? Is that with the b6 version of DeepLabCut?

Hi @jeylau
Here is the entire line of code.
deeplabcut.convert_raw_tracks_to_h5(path_config_file, picklefile)
deeplabcut.filterpredictions(path_config_file, videofile_path, videotype=VideoType, track_method = tracktype)
I am not sure how to know what filter type I am using. I am just running the default code and the default settings in the config file. Also, yes this is version b6.

Also, here is a screenshot of the entire error if that helps.

Aww I see! The error is actually caused by the conversion to h5. Please make sure you pass the right .pickle file; that is, not the *_full.pickle, but the one you obtained after convert_detections2tracklets. It should end with either _bx or _sk, based on the tracker method you select (_bx by default).

Thank you. It worked! I was using the _full.pickle file.