Multi-point tool 'show point counts' w/ IJ1 macro?


I can’t find a way to script the multi-point tool to show the point counts (achieved using Alt + Y keyboard shortcut). Usually the code: run("Properties... ") would produce the counts in a results table, however now this loads the properties window instead.

Is there any way to produce the counts results table without user input (to do keyboard shortcut or tick the box in the properties window and press OK).



Do you mean:

run("Properties... ", "show");
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Mind your typing: the above command will not run at all, as you need to supply a string (i.e. a quoted "" command) to the run() function.

Using the command finder, you’ll see that there are two commands called Properties…:

If you want to get the correct macro command for Edit > Selection > Properties…, simply run the macro recorder and you’ll get:

run("Properties... ");

Mind the space after the three dots.
(This is the ImageJ 1.x way to work around duplicate menu commands…)

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Apologies @imagejan, the code in my first post should have read run("Properties... "), my bad!

Previously (a different IJ version), it definitely worked with just run("Properties... "). With the macro recorder I didn’t get the “show” bit, but adding that works perfectly, thank you @Bio7.