Multi-point ROI deletion in stack

Hi All,

The Multi-point tool is great :+1:

BUT, when deleting point ROIs (Hold Ctrl > Click) that overlap with other point ROIs in separate slices, they are deleted in the order they were placed. E.g. if I am focused on slice 2 and I previously placed a point (any counter #) in the same place in slice 4, it will be deleted before the point in slice 2 (the current slice).

This leads to blind deletion of points and when I have 100+ points in an image over multiple counter #, I am lost as to the one that was deleted.

My current solution is to move the ROI to the edge of the image before deleting.



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Iā€™d consider this a bug in ImageJ1. When Ctrl-clicking points, only visible points should get deleted, not those present in different slices. @Wayne, what do you think?


This bug is fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.51s4).