Multi measure using TIFF images

I am a new user of Image J and am currently analyzing photos using the “multi measure” feature of the ROI manager. Things have been going fine as I have been importing JPEG photos. Now I am measuring a batch of TIFF images and when I make my selections and hit “multi measure”, the area counts are all off and giving me really low values. What may be going on here? Thanks so much.

Hey @Christine_Xue

Just a few things you can check… to be sure your metadata is being read in correctly (for both JPEG and TIFF) images - you can always check Image -> Properties.

Just because your counts are ‘low’ … doesn’t mean they are wrong. You need to see how they are calibrated - so don’t stress too much yet. You can also check out this other forum thread to see how to quickly check your images.

Too - when it comes to reading in TIFF images in ImageJ - it is recommended to do so using Bio-Formats - this way, you are more sure to preserve your metadata.

Hope this helps!

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