Multi-D acquisition with Multi-Camera to capture odd number of channels

I am using Multi-Camera to capture simultaneous image from two cameras with a dichroic. We have 5 excitation frequencies with a laser illuminator. I’m trying to setup a group that has:

  1. Illumination pair and capture on both cameras
  2. Illumination pair and capture on both cameras
  3. Remaining illumination frequency with a single camera capture

As it stands, I end up with a two image captures per group setting above for a total of 6 channels. However, one of the camera images in the last step has no data, so I would like that last step to only have a single image captured for a total of 5 channels in the Multi-D.

I have tried changing the Core-Camera and the Multi-Camera settings as part of the group, but have not succeeded at creating a 5 channel Multi-D hyperstack.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Easiest will be to ignore that last channel;)

I do believe that the acquisition engine reads the Core-Camera property at the beginning and is not smart enough to notice that it was changed mid-way (hence your observations). Only alternative I can think of is to script the whole acquisition your self.