Multi-colour kymograph

Hello everybody,

I´m trying to make a coloured kymograph from a movie of endosomes with two different labels. Both markers show co-transport in the movie and I would like to have a kymograph where the lines are shown in the same colours as in the movie. So I have one protein tagged with gfp and the other in red and I want to have green lines if the gfp-tagged protein is moving alone, red lines if the other one is moving alone and yellow lines if they move together. I´m familiar with making kymographs from a movie with one colour in black-and-white and I was also able to split the movie to get a kymograph for each signal but can anybody tell me how to make one merged kymograph with both colours?

Thanks for your help!
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You can merge black and white pictures back by using Colors->Merge channels.

Or use Kymoreslicewide plugin, it works with stacks and multichannel stacks


Wow thank you so much! Problem solved :slight_smile: