Multi Animal DLC 2.2b6 Refine Tracklet GUI issues


I am having some trouble using the refine tracklets GUI in maDLC2.2b6. I am using a Win 10 GPU but I had to use CoLab to create and train the dataset. Now I am fixing the major crossovers locally.

Subjects: five larval fish (~5mm, or 60px long) in a 30x30x8mm (x,y,z) arena. Seven bodyparts were labeled on each fish. The fish are somewhat transparent and lit from below with IR light so it is a medium contrast video.

40 frames were extracted from two videos (20 frames/video) and trained for 100K iterations.

Videos are 1024 x 1024 px, 200 fps, 30s (6000 frames) = 800MB files

  1. Many hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts for Refine Tracklet GUI not working:
    (I, S, X, arrow frame advance, tab, alt+arrow)

note that some hotkeys are working (home, lasso, drag)

  1. Hotkeys I wish I had:

Zoom toggle on/off

  1. Functionality I wish I had or could figure out:

I often need to select multiple body part markers and move them to another fish across the arena because one fish is labeled as several fish. In this case, the labels are stacked on top of each other and must be “unpacked” and moved individually. This is incredibly tedious with tiny fish larvae in a relatively large arena.

Thanks for the help!


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