Multi andor control fails when going live

We recently upgraded our computers and I am getting mm up and running on the new system. All seemed to be going well. We run a dual andor camera system and I can control each camera individually just fine. However, if I try to do simultaneous imaging using the multi cam adaptor mm just crashes and I can’t even restart it, it just flashes and disappears. I have to reboot and reload the cameras to get it to work again. We’ve been doing multi-cam acquisitions for a long time. What am I missing here?

There have been some changes to the Andor device adapter that did not play well with our dual camera setup (although I do not remember crashes like you describe). I would test older versions of Micro-Manager, and if any of these do work, triangulate the date the problem was introduced. You may want to start with a nightly build from Jan. 2019. You may also want to contact Andor support, they have been very responsive in the past (and Andor engineers write and maintain the device adapter code).