MRI Ventricular Volumes Analysis



I am fairly new to image J struggling with the best way to analyse some murine heart MRI scans. I need to measure the end systolic and end diastolic volumes.

I have tried using the freehand tool but it seems imprecise. Is there a way to more accurately trace the endocardial and epicardial ventricular walls?




Hello MRestom,
Welcome to the forum. Many of us are not Doctors ( I know I am not) and therefore do not know which part is which. It would benefit all interested if you could send an image with the areas concerned noted, so that even those of us who are not Doctors may help.
Anyway, Good Luck,



Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. Of course silly of me to assume! I have attached some pictures to help explain. I have tried using the elliptical drawing tool however this is imprecise due to the irregular shape of many of the images. Later I tried the freehand tool but find that is very irregular and is difficult to follow the smooth walls of the heart.

I need to be able to measure the inner circle which is the inside of main chamber of the heart when it is relaxed, and the outer wall of that main chamber. I have ringed these on word in yellow and red respectively.

Thanks for the help!