MRI image segmentation DICOM (Brain Tumor)

Hi All,

I’m new to python and image segmentation.
I have some MRI images about brain tumors (DICOM files) and I need to create the mask about the tumor.
I don’t know how to do it and I’m wondering if you have some example ?

Thanks in advance !


@Cameliab Are you able to post a sample (anonymized if necessary) image? Are you looking to do automatic segmentation, or manual? Why do you want to use python? As part of a larger python-based workflow?

Hi @ctrueden,
Thanks for answering.
My ultimate goal is to extract features using pyradomics in python, and for that I need the image and the mask. I only have the dicom images and not the masks.
I’m looking for an automatic segmentation.
I’m sorry I’m new on this, any suggestion or example will be helpful
I want to share an example but I’m not authorized to upload an attachment


Sorry about that—I raised your trust level so you should now have the ability to attach an image if you like.

For automatic segmentation, did you already see the scikit-image segmentation tutorial? And have you taken a look at segmentation using ilastik?

Thank you @ctrueden I’ll take a look at it ^^

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