Mp4 or webm, what is the best format to store video files in omero

Hi there

Scientists of our lab produce a lot of avi videos. Bioformat does not understand that format in the container.

We think about to convert the videos. But what is the best format?

Every HTML5 Browser can play the webm format native but some InternetExplorer play only mp4.

Do you have some hints for us?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @And,

It comes down to what you’re trying to achieve. Under the assumption that the top priority is reading the data with Bio-Formats, the question is likely less which container format (mp4, avi, etc) and more of what codec is being used. You can see the current list of supported codecs under:

Do you know what they’re using to produce the videos? Do you think you could suggest a codec? If not, one option is for you to re-encode the videos. There are a number of posts on the forums touching on this:

However, as @chris-allan pointed out:

Most video style codecs are stored in a manner that is to be played progressively. That is counter to almost everything [Bio-Formats expects]. If you store something in, for example, H.264 you might need to read 50 frames before you have enough data to produce a single frame…

For those that are interested in intra and inter frame arrangements, how they impact encoding, and why this sort of encoding is poorly suited to a planar system like ours.