Moving two ROIs simultaneously while keeping their relative position

Does anyone know how to manipulate two ROIs at the same time while keeping their relative positions? I know I can merge them and then move them around. The problem is to “unmerge” them. Split here does not do the trick.

For example, I defined Region1 and Region2 based on Image1. Then, I opened Image2 and loaded the previously defined Region1 and Region2. Now, I need to move around those 2 regions while maintaining their positions relative to each other. Right now, I’m using “Combine” and I can reposition them. The problem is that I cannot unmerge them (using “Split” does not work). Any suggestions?


This tool macro does this: An ImageJ tool macro to move several ROIs · GitHub
It seems to me that it could be made simpler, but it works. :rofl:


Thanks a lot! Simple, but does the trick for me!