Moving the location of images imported using transfer=ln_s

I am currently in the process of changing the storage system we use for our images, currently most of our images were imported via the import in place method using soft links. I would like to know if there is any way within omero to remap the locations of those images to a location that is more suitable for our purposes.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @phenDeOps.

The easiest option is to add in an additional symlink between the current location and the new one if the files are all coming from a small number of mount points. For example, if you originally imported with:

bin/omero import --transfer=ln_s /data/...

and you want to move everything on /data to /data2, then putting a symlink in place from /data to /data2 will keep the data accessible.

The other option will be writing a script to replace the individual symlinks. If that’s the route that you need to take, we likely have an example we can provide. You might give us more details about your data layout though .

All the best,

Thanks, I went with the creating symlinks option.