Moving project from windows to Linux

Hey guys, I need some help-
I wish to move my autocontext project from my personal computer (Windows 10) to another computer running Linux.
I get an error after the following steps:

  1. I have moved the ILP file, and the data. (not saving the relative path)
  2. I have downloaded Ilastik in Linux version 1.4.
  3. I run the command “bash”
  4. “Choose project” screen opens, I choose “browse” and look for my ILP file.
  5. When clicking on it, the following error occurs:
    (Needless to say, that does not happen in windows, in both 1.3.3 and and 1.4)
    (I guess it has to do with the hard disk drive “C” where the project is saved on windows.)
  6. When clicking “No”, the following window appears:
    The given path here is my data path (And of course it makes sense since I didn’t give the project the new path for the data)

I haven’t figured how to change any path settings, so I am asking for your kind help to figure this out.
Thanks in advance,

Hello @Tomer_Basan,

it seems you have added the data with absolute links, this means that for each image we save the full path to the data. With that setting you can move the project file on the same machine and it will work. If you move to another machine, however, it will most likely not work unless you replicate the folder structure exactly. This is not possible between linux and windows.
The other setting you can have there is relative links (which only works if your project is in a parent directory of the data). Then you can move the project, along with the data (still at the same “folder” relative to the project) across machines.
Lastly, you can also chose to copy the files to the project file. This will make the project file larger, but also makes it portable. No need to worry about data locations anymore.

So I’d probably suggest to change the location setting on your personal computer to copy to project file and make sure to save afterwards. Then you should be able to freely move your project around.