Moving multiple ROIs in real time?

I understand it is possible to translate (x,y) and even rotate multiple ROIs by entering the number of pixels you want to move up/down or left/right, using ROI Manager’s More>>Translate command. However, is there any way to do this in real time, e.g. by grabbing the edge of one ROI and simply moving the entire set by hand (i.e. using mouse)?

Yes, this is possible, just click and draw in one of your ROIs.



Thanks, Herbie. Maybe I wasn’t clear. Clicking and drawing in one of the ROIs moves just that one ROI. I want to move the entire set of ROIs (multiple ROIs) all together. But maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

  1. With the ROI-Manager open, you see a list of all the ROIs.
  2. Select all ROIs in the ROI-Manager that you like to move together
  3. In the ROI-Manager go to “More >> OR (Combine)”
  4. Now and important, click “Add [t]”
  5. You see an new entry in the list of ROIs
  6. Select just this new entry and you can move all ROIs by click-drawing in one of the ROIs



Got it! Thanks again. I’ll explore more about the OR (Combine) fnx. This indeed moves all the ROIs but duplicates the original set so that now there are 2X the number of ROIs. But now that you have shown me how to get started, I think I can probably solve how to get rid of the extra ROIs.

I think I can probably solve how to get rid of the extra ROIs.

Why not simply delete them?

Please study the ImageJ User Guide:

It helps you with most of the standard tasks and beyond.


Maybe I need some more help. I see what is happening. I use OR (Combine) and move the ROIs all together, then I hit t to fix the new positions. I can delete the former ROIs. However, now all the newly moved individual ROIs are merged into 1 giant ROI such that the ability to measure individual sizes of each single ROI or individual grey values is lost. The result of OR (Combine) is, indeed, to “combine”.

What I’m trying to do is measure the mean grey areas individually in tens of ROIs I’ve drawn onto a micrograph. Then I bring up another micrograph of the same specimen that was obtained a few minutes after the first micrograph. The specimen in the micrograph has moved a bit, so I want to move all my ROIs, keeping their same positions relative to each other, and re-remeasure the mean grey area in each ROI.

After re-reading the manual, as you instructed, I find no method to accomplish what I am trying to do. the OR operator doesn’t preserve the individual ROIs.

So I’m still searching for the answer…

Sorry but it is all written in the Guide:
A combined ROI can be split.

But in fact your problem needs to be tackled in a completely different manner:
You need to adjust the positions of the slices in your stack and there are quite some tools/plugins for doing this with ImageJ. Look for “Image/Stack Registration”.



Hi Stephen,

I’m trying to do translate and rotate a group of ROIs, while keeping their same positions relative to each other. How were you able to accomplish this?

Does anyone know how to manipulate two ROIs at the same time while keeping their relative positions? I know I can merge them and then move them around. The problem is “unmerge” them. Split here does not do the trick

See my reply here: Moving two ROIs simultaneously while keeping their relative position - #2 by jerome