Moving image data from one project to another

Hello, I am going to explain my current situation and what I need help with. I am a pathologist and I have a series of 25 cases. Each series has a H&E slide and then IHC ones (Ki67, CD68, CD57, perforin, etc). I annotated some ROIs in each H&E slide and then used the excellent scripts from @Mike_Nelson to move the annotations to each IHC slide.

Now I want to group the IHC slides by stain, e.g. all the Ki67 images together, so that I can analyze them together by running a script and using the same stain separation, etc. Any idea how I can copy/move images from one project to another while maintaining the annotations in the image?

Thanks a lot in advance and thanks for this great piece of software.

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I am glad someone was able to make use of the scripts @smcardle and I wrote!

Not sure how many projects you have, but if your slide names are labeled, could you use a search term to run any given script for those samples in “Run for project”?

That will run whatever script you have selected only for the given samples. Alternatively, you could set up the script to run only for image names that contain a certain string. I think those two options might be easier, though it is certainly possible to export the annotations and reimport them in another project. Or copy and paste the .qpdata file into the new project.

Another extreme but simple solution would be copying and pasting the project folder N times, renaming each project copy based on the stain you want to keep, and then select and delete all of the images you do not want within each project. You would end up with one project per stain and only the images from that stain in a given project.

Thank you for your reply. I will try both solutions and see what works best.

Somehow the code from @smcardle never worked for me. The first version didn’t align the images and the second one always ended in an error. I will follow up on this later to know what went long. The alignment of sequential sections is a very important feature.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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If you do have problems and want to use those scripts, please post your errors. We cannot fix what we do not know is a problem :slight_smile:

All of the scripts are going to be somewhat project dependent, and definitely require reading through the descriptions, but there may be ways we can improve the instructions as well.