Movie Player for playing in Fiji generated AVI Movies without quality loss

Hi everybody,

I processed fluorescence confocal videos with Fiji and saved them as AVI. If I import them into powerpoint the quality of the vidoes is comparable to that I see in Fiji. But, if I want to play the video with the windows media player (to show them in fullscreen on my tablet) the quality is extremely reduced. Like the player compresses the videos while playing.
Could you please recommend a Movie player which can be used to show such videos without losing video quality?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi. I wonder if VLC would do the job.

Thank you very much Gabriel! The VLC does the job really good indeed!

VLC is always my go to. If for whatever reason you want to continue using media player in the future, you should do some research into the k-lite codec pack, which may allow you to run your AVI file in media player losslessly.