Move two meshes individually for lineage tracing


I’m trying to do lineage tracing for my time-lapse images but I ran into a problem that I thought it’s probably just because I don’t know the control-keys.

I was following the video of doing lineage tracing from the original MGX elife paper, in which the two meshes were laid side-by-side and can be moved individually to overlap upon each other:

But when I load my two meshes they appeared upon each other and I was not able to move them separately:

How do I move them individually?

Also a related question for lineages tracing: At this point I only need to upload the mesh files that completed segmentation, and no need to load main files anymore, is this correct?

Your answers are appreciated!


Hi Minya,

To move only Stack1, go to the view tab change the “Control-Key-Interaction” to Stack1. Now when you hold the control key and move, only Stack1 will move. Without the control key pressed, you move the camera, and everything appears to move. It is the same idea as for the clipping planes.

Once the meshes are created, you don’t need to load the confocal stacks if you don’t need them anymore.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Dear Richard,

I’m sorry I instantly ran into another problem:

I’m able to move the meshes now, but when I move stack1 over stack2, or the other way around, they don’t appear to be overlapping like this:

Instead, one of my stack2 completely covers stack1:

I can see the overlap if I disable Surf for stack2:

But if I understand it correctly, I need to enable Surf/parents to be on for stack2 to do the parental labeling.

Can you also help me with this?

Thank you so much!!


Move the camera (without control key) so that you look from the side, and then use the control key and move Stack1 so it is some distance above. Now release control and look from the top again.

Then on Stack2 enable parents, and click the grab label tool (hand). Now when you click through a cell from Stack1 you will transfer that label to the parent in Stack2.

Omg it makes total sense - they are not on the same plane!! Thank you!!