Move a multiple selection

I have a selection consisting of a number of straight lines. I can change them or drag them around if I select them one by one, But I’d like to select all of them to move them around as a whole. Is that possible?

Hi @quatreulls

This is not ideal but may be helpful to you:

  1. Add all of your lines to ROI Manager.
  2. Combine them by going to More > OR (Combine)
  3. Add the new combined ROI to the ROI Manager by pressing “t”
  4. Check “Show All” and “Labels” in the ROI Manager
  5. You should now be able to select the new combined ROI and drag it around by clicking on it’s label number in the image.

You will see that one of the drawbacks of this method is that it will convert all of your line ROIs into area ROIs. Not sure how you can get them back as lines after you move them.



Thanks, I’ve followed your instructions until step 5 where I try to drag it but it does not respond. Maybe I’ve missed something you take for granted that I don’t.

I was trying to create a cross-hair and align it to some fiducial points I have marked on a scanned image. Perhaps I should write a plugin… I’ll think about it.

Hi @quatreulls

Take a look at the following screenshot and video where I show how to grab the label (number 5 in this case) of the combined ROI in the image. Notice how the cursor changes from cross-hair to hand when the cursor is over the combined ROI label.


blobs_lineROIs (1)


Well, it’s exactly as you’ve shown in this video, hovering on the combined label shows the hand with pointing finger but other than that dragging doesn’t do anything.

But then my ij (1.53k2) is doing other strange things, for example see the attached image in this thread:

I tried to make a video similar to yours but it wasn’t too demonstrative as it didn’t record the cursor.

Well, this is strange. I have tried it on a different computer and it works.
I’m wondering whether it’s a hardware or software related issue.
Any thoughts?