Movat Pentastain Aortic Sinus

Hello I have an aortic sinus with movat staining is it possible to deconvolute the image using either image J or cell profiler i need to look at the collagen which is saffron coloured.

Thank you for your reply I don’t have any error per say

i need to separate the brown area (pointed with blue arrow) from the blue area

My apologies, somehow that comment ended up in the wrong thread!

Within CellProfiler, you should be able to use the UnmixColors module to isolate the different stains from your image. There are a number of inbuilt stain profiles, or alternatively you might want to define a custom one.

Thank you for your reply… because MOVAT has 5 stains I don’t know how to define the staines in RGB… like I don’t know what would be the RGB value for the Saffron stain which marks the collage (the arrow). Should I use QuPath?

Hi @treza,

You should be able to unmix the stains using the UnmixColors module. You can read the help here to learn more about how to use this module: Image Processing — CellProfiler 4.1.3 documentation

If you’re having trouble configuring the module, please feel free to post an example image and example pipeline and we can try to help.

Good luck!