Motion Tracing of a Contrast Range

Dear Forum users
I have a sequence of angio images for the motion of injected contrast (dye) into arteries. I wonder whether your developed code is capable to track the leading edge of the contrast and calculate the distance traveled from one frame to another. You can download the sample images/movie from the link below.!ggdyybgK!ri2FD_PTcdylgeqGy7ukuw

I am a clinician with weak insight into image processing. The answer to this question makes diagnosis of patients with heart disease in coronary arteries more accurate.

My preference is using the TrackMate which can be easily integrated with Matlab. But I don’t know how this tool works in Fiji.


Hello Kevin,

It is hard to say anything without seeing the images first but, have you given a try to any of the available Tracking plugins?


Thanks for the reply dear iarganda.
I updated the post with a link to the files and the fact that I don’t know how to utilize the TrackMate plugin for this problem.

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I see. It looks more complicated than the usual particle tracking problems solved by TrackMate. How many angiograms you have? Can you live with a manual delineation?

Thanks for the reply. The angio images are around 10-20 for each patient. Manual detection could be helpful. Then I can figure out to automate it by scripting in Fiji, or within Matlab if TrackMate tool is the ultimate solution.

Thanks for contributions dear Iarganda.