Mosaic, composite, not sure what it's called or how to do it

Forgive my ignorance, newbie user here. I have a series of color jpegs (minimum 50, up to several hundred) that I need to put together into a single, complete image. I’ve tried searching every tutorial involving mosaicing, stitching, composite, what have you and none are what I am trying to do. Has anyone ever done anything like this, or now of a tutorial that can teach me how?

Hello there,
I think the tool you are looking for is called ‘Concatenate’. You will find it under 'Image>>Stacks>>Tools>>Concatenate’
Just check ‘All open windows’ if you want to merge all the images you have opened :slight_smile:
Have a good day.

What you want can be done by opening all images then convert then to a stack. "Image>Stacks>Images to Stack"
Then you can make a composite of all the “slices” in the stack "Image>Stacks>Make Montage…"
Please have a detailed look at the various options when making the stack.

Thank you Gabriel. That is closer to what I am going for. I should have been clearer with what I am working with. I have a series of images taken with a microscope of a slide and I need to convert it into a single images of the entire slide, as though I had taken one image instead of dozens. The stacking worked to get all the images together, but it is more of a collage.

What you would like to do is stitching multiple images to one image. For an overview see:

A superb tutorial: