Morphology parameters from ADAPT output

Apologies in advance for this very boring and rudimentary challenge I’m facing.

After running the ADAPT plugin, the morphology csv file (in the Population_Data_Output directory) does not have column headers to indicate what all the metrics are. On his github page, @djpbarry indicates the parameters are those from the Analyze/Set Measurements… menu command in ImageJ. But I have no way to tell the order in which these parameters appear as columns in the morphology.csv.

In my case the morphology.csv file has 36 columns in addition to a column that identifies cell and frame number. I’m trying to include a screenshot, we’ll see if I’m successful…


I’ve resolved this issue by getting the Results window to display when I run ADAPT. The results window shows the above table but includes column headers. Unclear why the ADAPT output saves without the column headers though.

Hi @timisstuck,

Thanks for flagging this and sorry for the slow response - I’ve been on leave for the last few weeks.

This issue was caused by a bug, which I’ve now resolved - if you update your FIJI installation, all should be well.