Morph - Close behaviour in CP2.1.0


When I use the Morph module and perform a close procedure in CP2.1.0 it behaves different then in CP 2.0. I have to choose a structuring element and a scale to use this element. By using these structuring elements it is difficult do do very subtle close commands on little objects. I think CP 2.0 uses a structuring element of 1 pixels size? Therefore I configured a custom structuring element of 1 pixels size in CP 2.1.0 but I’m not able to use the scale to perform the close operation like in CP2.0. Is there a way to perform a close command like in CP 2.0?


Would you mind posting a project including the Morph module with your custom element, plus an image that you are having trouble with? If could post the original 2.0 pipeline, that would be good too, so we can compare.

Hi Mark,

I tried to reproduce this behaviour in a new more simple pipeline. The close command behaved in CP2.1 the same as in CP2.0. I then simplified the original pipeline but got the same strange results. I found that in this pipeline the strange close behaviour occured after an ApplyThreshold with binary image as output. If I used a grayscale output image, the close command performed normal.
Then I rebuild the original pipeline in CP 2.1 and then the close command performed normal as in CP 2.0. So after al there is is no different close behaviour in CP 2.1 then in CP 2.0. There must have been an error in the original pipeline a used.


Thanks for writing back to us. So just to be clear then, we are all set and all is working as expected?


Hi David,

Yes indeed everything works fine now. Never thought a pipeline itself could be corrupted. I’ll be more carefull in reusing pipelines
Thanks for your support!


Very good!