Morita one volume viewer *.vol format

Hi, I have a so called *.vol binary file from Morita one volume viewer/ i-dixel 2.0 (Cone Beam CT). I am looking for a script to export directly to dicom format. Although I can export *.bmp slices from the one volume viewer and import as stack images in ImageJ I loose quality. Is this *.vol binary format open source or patented. Thanks.

As far as I can tell, .vol files are not supported by Bio-Formats (see the list of supported formats).

You should contact the support at Morita about other options to export your data. On their web page, they state that i-dixel 2.0 is “DICOM 3.0 compatible”.

Hi, I have the same problem. CDs from a J.Morita CBCT scanner in what appears to be a run length encoded format. Has any one been able to decode this? Morita have not been able to help.
Many thanks - Anthony