MOOC-Image Processing and Analysis for Life Scientists



Dear Community,

We are glad to announce the first edition of our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Image Processing and Analysis for Life Scientists available on

This course aims to cover basic principles of image analysis with emphasis on applications in life sciences and light microscopy. It includes theoretical and practical aspects of image analysis/processing, and covers the underlying basics. Furthermore, it highlights best practices to avoid common pitfalls and sources of bias.
The software backbone of the course is Fiji/ImageJ. When necessary, other software of interest will be pointed out. However, all principles taught here are applicable within any image analysis package.
Each week the course will cover particular aspects necessary to build up an image analysis workflow. The ImageJ Macro language will be used to showcase image analysis automation, which is readily understandable to non-programmers. The idea of this course is to enable participants to autonomously create and modify simple image analysis workflows on their own.

This course requires no particular engineering or programming background, but knowledge of basic biology and microscopy are an asset to understand the motivation behind the concepts and exercises.

We look forward to having you in our course.

O. Burri (@oburri) R. Guiet (@romainGuiet) and A.Seitz

Starting date: 03. December 2018


Super. That’s something I am looking for as a well-trained biologist but beginner for imaging processing. Great thanks for the effort.


Dear Community,

We’re glad to share with you our fantastic teaser :wink: !

@oburri ,@romainGuiet, @seitz


EXELLENT !!! Thank all of you… Due to my schedule being hectic, will I be able to record these or can I keep coming back?


This first session will be what’s called ‘instructor-paced’ meaning that each week, a new part of the course will open up, while the previous ones remain open.
That means that you can view the videos and exercises anytime while the course is open, until February 4th.



Thank you Oburri, I look forward to it.