Monitor pyramid generation progress

I uploaded a tiff image using OMERO.insight. I can now see the image thumbnail placeholder, and I understand that the image pyramid is being generated. But as a user I don’t have any feedback on how long that might take. I thought that maybe something should appear in the ‘Activity’ menu, but I don’t see anything. Is there anyway to get an idea when it will be possible to view a newly uploaded image?

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The server’s PixelData-0.log should note progress.

My issue here is that a user can’t get access to that log file, and probably shouldn’t have to. I guess that means there isn’t any visual feedback in the web client?

Hi @jfkotw,

answering your immediate question, there is no such visual feedback built into the web client. We are not aware of a community extension with this feature.

Using this thread to discuss a general thought about the pyramid generation generation process. Importing large single-resolution images into the server and delegating the creation of a pyramid to the PixelData service is certainly the classical workflow. The alternative approach is to compute the pyramidal levels and store them in a multi-resolution file format that can be read by the server before import.

In domains like digital pathology, the instruments perform this computation at the acquisition level using their their own proprietary file formats. There are now several open file formats with similar capacities, OME-TIFF, BigDataViewer and Imaris IMS are the three coming immediately to mind as well as the next-generation file formats discussed in #ome-ngff. Extensive tooling has been built in multiple languages which should allow people to easily generate rich multi-dimensional data.

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