Moments of Inertia Issues. Axes not appearing with Show Axes (2D) selected

When I run Moments of Inertia on a tiff stack, the axes never display on the aligned stack that appears. I have Align Result, Draw Axes (2D) and Draw Axes (3D) checked, but no axes are ever shown like the documentation on states it should. Am I neglecting to do something, or has something gone wrong with the program?

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@mdoube, @rimadoma: can you comment on this?

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Hello @sSater,

Could you provide a bit more information about your image and environment please, as I’m unable to reproduce the issue. What version of ImageJ are you using? What’s your JRE version? When I run the plugin either on ImageJ1 or ImageJ2 I see the 2D axes just fine. Note that in the linear projection that is the image stack the z-axis shows up only as a little dot in the middle of the slices. X- and y-axes can be found on the slice in the middle of the image stack.

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Richard Domander

I can confirm this report, partially.

3D axis drawing works as documented and expected, and is displayed in the 3D viewer.

2D axis drawing fails on the aligned image. The long axis is present as a single white pixel in the xy centre of every slice. But, the other two axes are absent.

I’ve just done a little bit of testing, by inserting only calls to print some debug info to the log window (no other code changes), which very mysteriously fixes this bug, so perhaps this relates to build and execution environments more than anything else? This will be included in the next BoneJ1 release. In the meantime, I hope that the 2D axes are not too critical for you - Ideally you’d leave them off because they change the pixel data in the aligned image.

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