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I’m just getting started with Cell Profiler after hearing about it at the ASCB conference last month. I am encountering a problem in trying to load an example pipeline, and was wondering if anyone would offer any suggestions.

I get the error message that Cell Profiler can’t find the LoadImage module in the modules folder. I have already set the correct module path in the preferences menu, as suggested on your website on Jan 6, so I’m not sure what is going wrong. I looked inside the modules folder, and LoadImage.txt is indeed there.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Samantha,

With the new version, you need to go to File -> Set Preferences from CellProfiler and the last option allows you to choose the folder where your modules are stored. Use the browse button and choose the folder where your Modules are located.

Let me know if this works!



Hi Mike,

Yup, I already tried that (see my last message) and yet I am still getting the error message. I have double- and triple-checked that the Module path listed in the preferences menu is indeed the correct one.

Any thoughts?



Hi Samantha,

I have been unable to reproduce your error on our machines. Are you clicking ‘save’ from the Set Preferences windows and making these your default preferences? If you have followed these steps and are still having a problem, try moving the Modules folder to your home directory. Your home directory is usually /Users/username and so your modules directory would be /Users/username/Modules. Please let me know if this works, and if so, what version of Mac OSX are you using? This seems to be a problem with Mac changing things and MatLab not keeping up. Since I am unable to replicate the problem, it is difficult to pinpoint where things are going wrong. Keep me informed on the problem and I will try to resolve it as soon as possible.



Hi Mike,

You were right… moving the modules folder to my home directory fixed the problem. Which is a minor bummer because now the Modules folder is separated from the CellProfiler application folder. But atleast it’s working.

Thanks for your help!
Mac OS 10.3.9