Module number


Is it possible to visually add the module number in the pipeline panel window?
I know that modules have there own number because it is available in the modules itself: it tells me from which module number the image comes from.
It would help me to find the right modules more easily because I often use 50-100 modules in one pipeline.


Hi Peter,

Wow. That is a lot! (Are you sure you need all those? Of course it’s possible, but pretty unusual)

In any case, this seems like a reasonable feature addition. I can request this, but I would hesitate to use up valuable pipeline panel real estate for this. Perhaps we could add it either as a popup when you hover over a module (though that could be annoying), or possibly within the Settings panel once you click the module? Or maybe a Preference setting to toggle displaying it?


P.S. Here is the request: … ssues/1141