Modify output without repeating the analysis

I am new to cell profiler.
I have a simple pipeline which spits out number of speckels.
I performed analysis on my images which took 3 hours; however,
after inspecting the output I realized that an essential data (which links image number to filename
is missing). I have now updated the parameters in
the ExportToSpreadsheet module.
Is it possible to simply perform the output without rerunning the analysis? I see that the .mat file
is made and I am hoping all the data is probably in there.

Hi Lee,
Welcome to CellProfiler!

The link between the ImageNumber and your images’ filenames should be in the PerImage table, named something like “DefaultOUT_Image.csv”. Look for columns named “FileName_<YOUR_CHANNEL_NAME>” and ImageNumber. Does that help?

Also, if you analysis is slow (and it sounds like it is), check out these tips on speeding it up:

Good luck!

Hi David,
Thank you very much.

You’re welcome!