Modify Auto local Treshold code

Hi everyone!
I have an important question for my research activity, it is possible to modify the autolocal treshold code in order to change some parameters inside? My goal is to modify some local tresholding algorithm.

Thanks for your help!

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The code is in github. I suggest that you clone that project and you work on your own modified version so it does not affect everybody else and it does not break already working workflows.

Hi @nikoeiro ,
I tried to look up the source code for you, but (@gabriel, @ctrueden) could it be that that ImageJ Site about Auto Local Threshold is not entirely correct? The text in the grey box with the github link seems to belong to Auto Threshold (without Local)…

The site for both Auto and Local threshold plugins is

Sorry I do not know how to edit the side box in that page (I can edit the page, but not the side box).

The Auto_Local_Threshold code was split to a separate repository awhile ago:

The side boxes are generated by a script, but that script does not currently run automatically. So @Christian_Tischer if you look closely you’ll notice the datestamp of the last release there is quite old—in fact older than when the two components were split into separate repositories. Sorry I do not have time right now to regenerate the sidebars.

At the moment, the best way to find the source for a given command is to use the ImageJ search bar, find the command you want, and click the Source button to open it in GitHub. I tested it with Auto Local Threshold and it does open the correct link.