MM 2.0 Gamma and ASI Gamepad

Hello! I’d like to ask for help. Our lab has updated the computer and we want to use the new MM 2.0. Before that, we used MM 1.4. And we want to connect the gamepad. However, the ASI (xbox) Gamepad plugin does not work in version 2.0. I am not a programmer, but I wanted to know if there is a way to run this plugin on the new version? Or do I need to write a new plugin?

Does the plugin already exist in MM 2.0 or does it still need to be ported?

If the plugin exists in MM 2.0 but doesn’t work, can you first verify that the plugin works on the exact same computer in MM 1.4? That will eliminate the possibility of it being a driver or similar issue.

Indeed, the plugin was never ported to 2.0. I started working on it, but it is a bit more work than I expected. Hopefully will get to something that at least compiles in not too long, and I have an XBox controller in the garage, so may even be tempted to test it finally (one of those things that I always wanted to do but never got around to doing;). You can follow progress in this issue: Gamepad plugin is not included in 2.0 · Issue #1073 · micro-manager/micro-manager · GitHub

I ported the plugin. I even made the plugin remember its settings in the user profile (without needing to load them from disk), and updated the UI here and there (there are still a few uncomfortable things, such as having to click twice in the Beanshell script column to get the file chooser dialog, but those are all relatively minor and need to be dealt with only when setting up. I can not update the documentation, since it is at the ASI website. I like my Xbox controller! The plugin should be in the 20120105 and later builds of 2.0.

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Wow Nico, you are fast!

If there is a better place to put the documentation I am happy to move it (maybe on I suspect Vik just put it where he had easy edit access…

The plugin was the brainchild of my former colleague Vik. We decided to release it to the public domain with ASI’s name as a nod to ASI’s funding its development instead of trying to monetize it. But obviously without your help it wouldn’t be continuing, so maybe you should rename it “Nico’s Gamepad” :wink:

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I bought an X Box controller more than a year ago (maybe two), and brought it home to play with, so this was the final nudge I needed to get started;)

Yes, it would be nice to move the documentation to the Micro-Manager website. There even is a link (Plugins - Micro-Manager) that now points to the ASI website, but that could be a document on the wiki. Thanks!

Documentation copied over to the Micro-manager website: ASI Gamepad Plugin - Micro-Manager.

I changed the internal link to point to the new page and marked the page on ASI’s website as deprecated.


Thank you so much, Nico! I’ve already tested the gamepad and everything works! It was very fast!

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