MiToBo would like to join as community partner


Hi all,
MiToBo is an open source toolbox of different basic and advanced image analysis algorithms and tools, mainly dedicated to microscope image processing and analysis. The majority of functions is directly accessible in ImageJ/Fiji via plugins, and we also have an ImageJ update site running. We already promote to use this forum as the primary place for getting support on MiToBo and scientific image analysis in general. We would be very happy to become a community partner within this Forum and hope to fulfill the requirements.

Looking forward to hear from you,
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MiToBo - A microscope image analysis toolbox

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Sorry for the delay in response… I’m assuming no one else got back to you regarding this. Sorry again for that!

We just need two things from you to bring you in as an official Community Partner:

  1. Please submit your project icon on this thread so we can include it in the list at the top of the forum page.
  2. And please elect an individual (I’m assuming you?!) to join our Community Forum Team (you can read more about that on the FAQ page).

If you have any questions - just message us here.



Hello again,
thanks for your response! Indeed nobody got back to us before, but we also did not intensively pursue our request during the last weeks - so everything is fine :slight_smile: I just uploaded our project icon to the logo thread you suggested. And I am looking forward to join the Community Forum Team as a member for the MiToBo project. Please let me know if you require any other additional information about me or MiToBo.

Thanks for accepting us as a community member, and we are looking forward to our future collaboration, best regards,





It’s all set now! Welcome to the Forum!!!