Missing pixel type for AxioCam MR5c

Dear users,

I have a simple configuration: a Zeiss Axiovert 200M microscope and a Zeiss AxioCam MR5c camera.
I already configured both devices and I can control the microscope.
the camera is recognized but when I click on “Snap”, I have a message about “Missing Pixel Type” (see attachment)

But, I cannot set it on the Device Property Browser (see attachment) because there is not Pixel Type parameter.

Could you help me please?
Best regards!

Hi @Seb,

Do you happen to know if Color Quality - High with Color Mode - Color results in 12 bit RGB images? If so, they are not supported in 2.0 (and my memory is vague about 1.4). Which MM version are you using?

Try changing the Color-quality setting and see if there is anything there that works.

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I was using MM2.0 but today, I downloaded the 1.4 version and it works!!!
Thank a lot for your help.
Best regards.