Missing module




I have a recurrent problem with missing modules: the categories ‘image tools’ and ‘data tools’ are missing.
I am currently running the latest version 1.0.4884 on a 64B machine and latest MCR.
Any hint?




I will check into this and let you know when the issue is resolved.


It appears to be working fine for me. What seems to be happening?



it appears that i mixed up the different modules and the data tool menu. I thought I could use thiese different functions in my pipeline (e.g. generate and save automatically different types of hidtograms) but it seems that i have to do that afterwards. Is there any plan to implement it in a future version of CP?



It’s not clear what you are asking - does the module called “DisplayHistogram”, in the “Other” category, solve your problem? This allows you to generate histograms right in the pipeline, rather than after analysis. Let us know.



Good suggestion. DisplayHistogram is doing the job.
Thank you,