Missing labels in labeled videos

I have a question about the labeled videos. I found in the created labeled videos, some bodyparts labels are missing in some frames. I wonder why that happened? In my case, it should have 7 labels for every frame, including nose, mouth, left front paw, right front paw, left hind paw, right hind paw, and tail. Because I want to evalute labeling accuracy based on the labeled videos, so I want all the bodyparts labels are shown even some labels are wrong preditons. Can I make some parameter changes deeplabcut.create_labeled_video() to do that? Thanks!

The following are some exmple frames with missing lables

  1. The frame with all 7 bodyparts labeled.

  2. The frame with the tail label missing

  3. The frame with the right hind paw label missing

  4. The frame with the nose and mouth labels missing

I believe when body parts disappear (eg the mouse stands up and you can’t see it’s nose), the labels are removed.

The documentation for create_labeled_video can be found below, just crtl+f for it.

Yes, it seems when body parts disappear, the lables tend to be removed. But in the generated csv file after run deeplabcut.analyze_videos(), every bodypart has a coordinate for each frame no matter whether they disappear or not. I wonder wethere there is any way that I can also show these labels in the labeld vidieos. Thanks!