Missing functionalities

When I run Fiji from Matlab, some functionalities in the BoneJ plugin are missing. However, I can use them all when I open the app outside of Matlab. Could you please help me settle this ?
I work on Mac.
Nicolas Rogalski

Could you please list which plugins are available from Matlab and which are not, to help understand what is going on.

The development team doesn’t use Macs or Matlab, so this will ultimately be up to others to sort out.

Thank you for the answer.
Available : Analyse, Connectivity, Fit Sphere, Moments of Inertia, Purify, Slice Geometry.
All the others are not available.

These are all so-called Legacy plugins. The non-working ones are Modern plugins that use the ImageJ2 plugin framework. Please contact the Fji/Matlab developers and ask them to support ImageJ2 - style plugins.