Missing config.yaml for pretrained human project

As I’m sure many folks here have done, I’ve recruited some lab members for some light-hearted human tracking. We figured it would be a fun a way of showing that DLC isn’t specific to our species of interest for an upcoming presentation.

But I’ve hit a snag-

When creating the pretrained project, it returns an error prompt looking for a missing config.yaml. I, relying on a pre-made project and at the project creation step, have no such yaml!

I expect this is an issue of running it put of a particular directory or a version issue, but haven’t been able to figure it out. Has anyone overcome this issue?

Could you show the error you get? And tell us about what DLC version/command you used?

I managed to figure it out - writing it here for posterity.

The video in question was saved as “.mp4”, but was not, in fact, an mp4. This caused DLC not to generate a config, and the error came in after when it was looking for said config and not finding it.