Misplace object numb in “ExportToSpreadsheet”


I’ve been working with the pipeline that I send in annex and I notice that the object numbers that are displayed in the sheet that is created with the “ExportToSpreadsheet” module don’t correspond with the ones display with the “DisplayDataOnImage” module.
I also send some example Images in annex. In the image “5-original plus numb” I know, by testing with the filter modules, that the object nº1 doesn’t correspond with the object nº1 of the Table_Data_FilteredCCelularFIIntensity but instead corresponds to the object nº3 of said table (there are other image related data on that text file but note that the one for this example is image nº5).
Am I missing some sort of parameter or the module data not related some how?

erro data.rar (1020 KB)


Sorry, I’m a little confused: what do you mean by “annex”? I also don’t have any software to uncompress RAR files. Can you use the more standard zip, if you need to zip the error?

Also, please post your pipeline. It’s quite hard to follow what you mean by “No. 1”, etc.